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Experience a unique wine tasting in the heart of the gardens of Château de Sancerre with a 360° panorama over the Loire and its vineyards.

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Château de Sancerre A unique terroir with an extraordinary history

« Go forth before the best » is the motto of Château de Sancerre. Situated on the left bank of the Loire, it is one of the rare châteaux to bear the name of an appellation. With an exceptional terroir composed of four different soil types (flint, chalk, clay and sand), and a total of 55 hectares of vines of an average age of 25 years, Château de Sancerre crafts wines that reflect this diversity and heritage.  The region’s semi-continental climate produces well-structured Sauvignon Blanc, with fresh, bright aromas of ripe gooseberry and smoky, flinty notes. The wines of Château de Sancerre are all made, aged and bottled exclusively at the château.

The entire estate enjoys Level 3 HEV certification (High Environmental Value), guaranteeing a high level of environmental performance in biodiversity conservation, management of fertiliser use and irrigation and the control of phytosanitary products for each site.

The Wine Tourism Trail An unforgettable visit

A tasting session to the heart of terroirs

From Julius Caesar to Louis-Alexandre Marnier, Château de Sancerre is steeped in a rich history. Plunge into the momentous past of Sancerre, marvel at the beauty of the 360° views from the Tour des Fiefs, the last vestige of the feudal chateau. And during your visit, accompanied by our Sommelier Guide, we will initiate you into the pleasures of the finest wines of the chateau, paired with local specialities: a white Sancerre with Chavignol goat’s cheese, a Sancerre rosé with Sancerre almond biscuits, and the Cuvée du Connétable plus a red Sancerre with Sancerre dried ham.

A tasting session to the heart of terroirs

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Œnologist in Château de Sancerre

Chateau de Sancerre’s wines are vinified, matured and bottled on-site. The diversity of the parcels, comprising white soils, flint stone and limestone is perfectly well mastered in view of adapting the vine-growing to each terroir. The art of blending is carefully undertaken in keeping with Louis de Sancerre’s motto – “Overtake the very best”. Our Sancerre wines are renowned worldwide and satisfy the finest connoisseurs.

Practical information

Guided tours and tasting by prior arrangement from Tuesday to Saturday, 11am or 3pm and 4.30pm on Fridays and Saturdays from May to September.

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May to September :

Monday to Sunday
10am to 1pm – 2pm to 7pm

September to April :

September: daily from 11am to 1pm and from 2pm to 7pm
October to March: 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm. Tuesday to Saturday during french school holidays. Monday to Friday outside french school holidays.

Price: Adults 15€ / Children 12-18 years 7,5€€ / Free for under 12s

Minimum 2 people, limited to 15 people

Château de Sancerre
6 Rue Porte César

The wines of Sancerre Our selection

Chateau de Sancerre Sancerre Blanc
Sancerre Blanc sec

We blend three terroirs that are typical of the Sancerre appellation to make this white wine. Each one has its own special characteristics: the flint stone offers ageing potential, structure, freshness and aromas of citrus fruit and minerality. The terres blanches (white soils) bring about roundness and white flower aromas (lily and acacia) and tropical fruit (lychee and pineapple); the Caillottes (hard limestone) and the Griottes (soft limestone), provide freshness, floral and intense citrus fruit aromas. The combination of these terroirs produces a refined, elegant and complex wine.

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Chateau de Sancerre Terre de chailloux
Sancerre Terre de Chailloux

By exploring the best that our terroirs have to offer, we have elaborated a limited number of Terre de Chailloux 2015. The word “stone” in the local dialect is pronounced – chailloux: from this terroir we have carefully selected south-facing parcels of low yielding top quality Pinot Noir. The harvest is handpicked, transported in small crates and sorted in order to extract the quintessence of this superb variety.

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Chateau de Sancerre Terre de silex
Sancerre Terre de Silex

By exploring the best that our terroirs have to offer, we have elaborated a limited number of bottles of Terre de Silex 2017. The careful selection of our parcels has allowed us to try an unprecedented blend, derived from a soil that is 100% flint-stone, revealing all the clarity and precision of this magnificent terroir. The location has provided this wine with aging potential, structure, freshness and minerality.

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Our clients reviews

Découvrez ce que les visiteurs ont pensé de leur visite
The best view of Sancerre and the surrounding area, paired with a knowledgable guide and great wine and local food tasting... well recommended!!!
October 2019
We had a wonderful guided tour of the grounds and the tower, and a delicious wine and cheese tasting. Highly recommend! The best view around of the village and ...

Our events Château de Sancerre proposes events and activities all year round.

Open days, special tastings, farmer’s markets…  get all the latest news of Château de Sancerre.

The vineyard by bike

From June 2020
10h00 - 18h30
6 rue Porte César,
Invitation to discover our vineyards by bike and tasting in the cellar of 2 cuvées from our best terroirs.


June - July - August
Monday to Sunday: 10am - 7pm
6 rue Porte César,
Come and discover the wines of Château de Sancerre, at the foot of the castle!

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